Triadic Possibilities is a concept of simple harmonic substitutions on 1 4 5 progressions. By using relative and parallel relationships of major and minor chords we will create a 12 chord lattice of choices. These choices will add color and variety, and build a strong sense of harmonic fluency. New harmonic combinations will inspire melodies, rhythms, and, best of all, songs.

Reading musical notation and previous knowledge of theory is not needed to learn this simple but expansive concept. Some experience playing open and barre chords will be useful in your ability to apply the ideas.

Using a methodology applicable to all instruments, we will learn major and minor triads in all inversions (on guitar, on four sets of three strings).  And, we’ll study and analyze tunes that were created using this organizational system as a starting point. Tunes for study will include:

1)    Satchel Paige (Goodrich)
from Nine Days Wonder also on, Ballads, Blues and Other Southern Anthems

2)  What Did You Say? (Mulvey, Goodrich and Rothman)
from Silver Ladder

Part of the Lamplighter Series in conjunction with Club Passim, Triadic Possibilities is an intensive two-hour workshop with limited class size to ensure personal attention.

$60 per participant. Email to goody@davidgoodrich.com to reserve your spot. (plenty of free parking) 


David Goodrich with David Hamburger
WEDNESDAY |  10/07/15 | 5:30p–7:00p | KICKBUTT COFFEE – AUSTIN, TX [map]


Matt Lorenz ofRusty Belle and Suitcase Junket fame created a stop animation for a tune of mine, Satchel Paige from the Ballads, Blues and Other Southern Anthems recording. Check it out HERE.

Also in the Video section are a couple of clips of me and one of my oldest collaborator, Peter Mulvey. We cut these two in my dining room at the end of brief Texas tour. Peter and I have been playing music together for 22 years.

In the Music section is my Archive page. This page is dedicated to unreleased cuts, live shows and other rarities. I’ll be adding tracks to this page regularly so please keep coming back.